At the Western edge of the Berkshires, we are using sustainable farming practices to restore a family farm and grow delicious, nutritious vegetables for our community.

Our Mission

At Three Maples Market Garden, we grow with three goals in mind: to grow food on land that lay fallow for decades; to produce high-quality, flavorful and nutritious vegetables; and to make that produce accessible to our community. The farm once belonged to Amanda’s grandparents, and our relationship to the land means we take stewardship very seriously.

Our Growing Practices

  • We don’t use synthetic chemicals.
  • We focus on nourishing the soil, so the soil can feed the plants.
  • We choose crops and varieties best suited to our climate.
  • We emphasize heirloom and open-pollinated varieties to preserve plant diversity.
  • We encourage biological weed and pest controls.
  • We do our level best to keep our produce affordable, because everyone deserves access to fresh, local fruits and veggies.

About the Farmers

Amanda and Cian Dalzell have been growing vegetables — and their family — in the Berkshires since 2011.  Cian began farming shortly after graduating from UMASS in 2007, while Amanda used her Smith College degree to pay the bills. In 2009 they moved to Vermont to apprentice on a well known farm, got hitched, and started planning their own small farm dream. Their daughter Bridget was born in 2015, and a second child is expected in Spring of 2019. They also run a small business consultancy; Cian helps food businesses develop business, enterprise, or financial plans, and Amanda is a digital marketing strategist.

Three Maples Market Garden
Cian and Amanda Dalzell
98 State Line Road
West Stockbridge, MA 01266