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Three Maples CSA distributions begin in early June and run through mid-October. Full shares are $450 for the season and feed 1-2 people, or opt for the $650 Family Share to feed 2-4 people.


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Community Supported Agriculture

CSA members demonstrate their commitment to local agriculture (and delicious vegetables) by paying in advance for a season’s worth of produce from our farm.

How It Works

Beginning in early June, receive weekly shares of the harvest delivered to your home or office — or pick up at the farm in West Stockbridge! The CSA season lasts 18 weeks, from the greens and peas of spring, through the tomatoes and cucumbers of deep summer, and into the winter squash and root veggies of autumn. Each week’s share contains a variety of vegetables generally equal to or greater than the weekly value of the share. Your commitment to us at the beginning of the season allows us to offer this terrific value. 

Growing Vegetables & Community

  • We don’t use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.
  • We focus on nourishing the soil, so the soil can feed the plants.
  • We choose crops and varieties best suited to our climate.
  • We emphasize heirloom and open-pollinated varieties to preserve plant diversity.
  • We encourage biological weed and pest controls.
  • We do our level best to keep our produce affordable, because everyone deserves access to fresh, local fruits and veggies.

Farmer/Member Agreement

Farming is a rewarding — and risky — business. By joining the CSA, members join with us in assuming those risks and rewards. On rare occasion,  crop failures, flooding or other natural disasters might make it difficult for us to provide the amount or quality of produce we intend. In exchange for your faith in us, we work diligently and proactively to nurture the crops, take good care of the land that feeds us all, and do everything in our power to see those vegetables safely to your table. Click here to read the detailed member agreement.

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Three Maples Market Garden
Cian and Amanda Dalzell
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