Workplace CSA Delivery

Three Maples Workplace CSA delivery offers a unique way for your business’s employees and customers to enjoy all the benefits of a CSA without the weekly visit to the farm.

Your Weekly Share, Delivered

Offer your employees and your community a unique benefit by hosting a Three Maples CSA delivery.

  • No cost to the business and no delivery fee
  • Public and Employee-only options
  • Many health insurance programs offer rebates to CSA members
  • Workplace delivery makes eating well fresh, convenient, and affordable!

Why Host a CSA Delivery?

  • Build community among staff members through veggie swaps and recipe sharing
  • Boost employee morale by offering a non-traditional benefit
  • Show your company’s support for local food and family-owned businesses
  • Bring in extra foot traffic on a weekday afternoon by offering a public pickup site

Signing Up

We are looking for delivery locations in Stockbridge, Lee, Lenox and Pittsfield, for Tuesday afternoon delivery. For private, employee-only CSA delivery, we ask for a minimum of five sign-ups to make the delivery location viable. Send us an inquiry using the form below, or call Amanda at (413) 329-8601. We’ll be in touch to talk about whether workplace CSA delivery is right for your business!

Workplace CSA Delivery Inquiry

Are you interested in hosting a public CSA delivery location?

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